We are transforming the science of medical imaging, creating a new world of possibilities for the biopharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals alike. By accelerating the development of new therapies and improving the diagnosis and treatment of serious diseases, we deliver value for our investors and partners, as well as those whose lives we touch.

We deliver on a global scale.  Our reach stretches worldwide, from the USA, the world’s largest healthcare market, across Europe, and into Asia, an increasingly important region for clinical development and patient care. This global presence is reflected by our work with world-leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and contract research organizations, as well as our partnerships with multinational imaging specialist Canon and the world’s largest phase I clinical trial organization, START.

The combination of Median’s ground-breaking technology and world-class expertise perfectly positions us to revolutionize the field of medical imaging, transforming data generation, management, and access all around the world.  Benefiting patients, health professionals, our partners and investors.

Board of directors and management team

Experienced leadership

Median’s management team has extensive experience of the imaging, patient care and clinical trial sectors.  Our Board of Directors brings significant industry, financial and strategic expertise to the company.

Major shareholders

Stock market data

Median Technologies is listed on Euronext Paris’ Alternext market

(ISIN: FR0011049824, ticker: ALMDT)


Stock market data

Place of listing

Alternext of Euronext Paris

Number of shares

(December 16th, 2016)

Share code

Median Technologies



Shareholding structure (Dec. 16, 2016)

Non-nominative information as at December 16th, 2016

  • FURUI Medical Science Company Luxembourg 12.94%
  • DFJ Funds managed by ePlanet Capital 11.73%
  • Abingworth Bioequities master fund LTD 11.44%
  • Canon Inc 8.26%
  • Growth equity opportunities fund III LLC managed by NEA 8.23%
  • Funds managed by Idinvest Partners 6.53%
  • Auriga Ventures II 6.15%
  • Founders 5.35%
  • Others 29.37%
    • Others include:
    • Inocap
    • KLSC
    • Acuta Capital Partners LLC
    • Polar Capital
    • HBM

Financial agenda

  • 2017
    • Publication of our annual results for 2016: after closure on April 12 2017
  •  2016
    • Publication of our half-year results 2016: after closure on October 12 2016
    • Publication of our annual results for 2015: after closure on April 12 2016
  • 2015
    • Publication of our half-year results 2015: after closure on October 5 2015
    • Publication of our annual results for 2014: after closure on April 15 2015
  • 2014
    • Publication of our half-year results 2014: after closure on October 9 2014
    • Publication of our annual results for 2013: after closure on April 28 2014
  • 2013
    • Publication of our half-year results 2013: after closure on October 10 2013
    • Publication of our annual results for 2012: after closure on April 10 2013
  • 2012
    • Publication of our half-year results 2012: after closure on October 8 2012
    • Publication of our annual results for 2011: after closure on February 16 2012
  • 2011
    • Publication of our half-year results 2011: after closure on September 16 2011

Investor contacts


Median Technologies

Fredrik Brag
tel: +33 4 93 333 777


Actifin Financial Communication

Ghislaine Gasparetto
Tel +33 1 56 88 11 22


Aurel BGC Listing Sponsor

Nicolas Martin
Tel +33 1 53 89 73 17

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