Harnessing the power of imaging Phenomics™

At Median, we’re transforming the science of medical imaging. By harnessing the power of Imaging Phenomics™ we can improve current treatment, enhance diagnosis and accelerate development of next generation therapies, helping make a healthier world for millions.


The fight against disease is a joint effort

While our expertise and resources are unique, we don’t work alone. The fight against disease is a joint effort and the spirit of cooperation is found in everything we do. Whether working in clinical trials or patient care and treatment, we share the same single-minded goal. To defeat the diseases that still touch so many lives.


Pushing the boundaries of imaging technology

At Median we’re determined to push the boundaries of what imaging technology can achieve, to help develop next generation treatments with the potential to save or improve the lives of millions.


CEO’s message

Fredrik Brag talks about how we’re looking to change the game. To transform the landscape in which we work and create a new world of possibilities for biopharma companies and healthcare professionals alike.

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START & Median

START & Median Technologies Partnership on imaging in oncology clinical trials. Dr. Tony Tolcher talks about the importance of our partnership for imaging in oncology clinical trials. Watch the 2 minute video to learn more.



19 December 2016

Completion of a reserved share capital increase of Median Technologies to FURUI of €19.6 Million at a €13 per share price

Median Technologies, the Imaging Phenomics™ Company announced in a press release dated November 16th, 2016  that it had entered into an investment agreement…

15 November 2016

MEDIAN Technologies appoints Jeanne Hecht as Chief Operating Officer and Nicholas Campbell as Chief Commercial Officer

MEDIAN Technologies (ALMDT), a leading medical imaging solutions and service provider for image interpretation and management, today announces the appointments of Jeanne Hecht…

9 November 2016

Disclosure of total number of voting rights and number of shares in the capital at October 31st, 2016

Pursuant to article L-223-8 II of the French “code de Commerce” and 223-16 of the AMF’s General Regulations: Total number of shares :…

7 November 2016

Median Technologies announces a reserved share capital increase to FURUI of €19.6 Million at a €13 per share price

This share capital increase reserved to Furui Medical Science Company Luxembourg will allow MEDIAN Technologies to accelerate implementation of its global growth plans and further enhance customer offerings

12 July 2016

MEDIAN Technologies strengthens its medical expertise department by appointing Dr. Nathalie Faye as Medical Director Europe

MEDIAN Technologies strengthens its medical expertise department by appointing Dr. Nathalie Faye as Medical Director Europe

Imaging for patient care

Identifying treatments that work

Imaging biomarkers provide a unique insight into treatment progress at every stage of a disease. In cancer for instance, comprehensive quantitative information plays an invaluable role in defining, tracking and measuring treatment outcomes. Providing clear evidence of what works and what doesn’t.

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Imaging for clinical trials

Advancing treatments of the future

Working with biopharmaceutical companies, and leading medical centers around the world, the team at Median enable researchers to identify disease fingerprints from medical images. We’re helping paving the way for new personalized and innovative medicines, more accurate and predictable diagnoses and better treatments

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Powering the phenomics revolution

We’re changing the game; transforming the landscape. We’re capturing the power of big data and unique biomarker imaging technology to create a new world of possibilities for biopharma and healthcare professionals alike. Our iBiopsy platform opens up the field of phenomics, driving the science of precision medicine.

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Delivering value

Our technology and expertise is creating a new world of possibilities for biopharmaceutical and healthcare professionals around the world. By successfully helping improve the lives of millions, we are also delivering value for our investors and partners.

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