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February 27, 2018 1:00pm EST

Imaging Phenomics in Precision Medicine

Presented by:  Dr. Loan Hoang-Sayag, Chief Medical Officer and Dr. Peter Bannister, Chief Technology Officer

Recent discoveries in the imaging of various cancers and diseases have shown that imaging features can reflect underlying disease pathophysiology. Imaging features may be apparent at the visual level to a skilled clinician, or may instead only manifest themselves at a much finer scale following image processing that is not routinely applied in the clinic.

Other features may only be identifiable when considering multiple image types in parallel. The quantification of these features, in order to identify fingerprints of a specific disease embedded in medical images, is known as Imaging Phenomics. With the use of deep learning technology and artificial intelligence, a new paradigm of computer-aided medical treatment is emerging and imaging phenomics may serve as another foundation for delivering precision medicine.

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • An introduction to imaging phenomics
  • The types of imaging features that may provide robust and non-invasive indicators of disease state
  • Approaches that can be employed to train and validate prognostic models using deep learning and other artificial intelligence techniques
  • Predictive solutions for cancer and diseases of the liver, prostate and lung
  • Median’s iBiopsy® system for precision medicine
  • A future look at next generation imaging and analysis
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October 19 - 23 | Munich, Germany

ESMO Congress

Join us at ESMO 2018 in Munich, Germany.  Visit booth B1 – 157 to learn more about the Median advantage in oncology clinical trials.  Abstract: Reproducibility of the mRECIST criteria for the assessment of HCC treated by anti- VEGFR therapy: Impact of readers’ expertise

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Median named on CIO Review's annual listing of 20 companies at the forefront of providing Pharma & Life science tech solutions and impacting the market

Median Technologies is named on CIO Review’s annual listing of 20 companies at the forefront of providing Pharma & Life science tech solutions and impacting the market. In a related interview,  Median COO, Jeanne Hecht, shares her insights on the company’s mission to help biopharma and healthcare providers better diagnose, monitor and treat patients through cutting edge image analysis as they unveil Imaging Phenomics.

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