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While our expertise and resources are unique, we don’t work alone. The fight against disease is a joint effort and the spirit of cooperation is found in everything we do. Whether working in clinical trials or patient care and treatment, we share the same single-minded goal. To defeat the diseases that still touch so many lives.

Quality and accreditations

“MediScan® is a comprehensive portfolio of clinical applications for the management of cancerous or suspicious lesions diagnosed in CT scans.”

Imaging platform

MediScan® is a comprehensive portfolio of clinical applications for the management of cancerous or suspicious lesions diagnosed in CT scans.

MediScan® can be fully integrated into routine clinical practice, and are available on enterprise-wide environments including PACS and RIS workstations at single or multiple sites.

Radiology routine

Used in Radiology Routine, MediScan® is a portfolio of clinical applications specifically-designed to transform the management of lesions identified in CT scans, dramatically improving patient cancer care.  Integrated into routine practice across single or multiple sites, Radiology Routine offers objective, quantitative lesion evaluation and follow-up, while improving workplace efficiency and workflow.

In radiology routine, MediScan® enables

  • Standardized and reproducible lesion evaluation: objective measurement of lesion parameters, including diameter, volume, and density, with automated calculation of progression over time
  • Precise follow-up evaluation: centralized data management system storing reader-selected lesions improves patient follow-up
  • Improved tumor board communications: comprehensive, objective, and standardized oncology imaging reports to international standards, such as RECIST
  • Improved workflow and productivity
  • Improved cancer care network communications via multi-site web-based architecture
  • Increased diagnosis reliability

Lung cancer screening and monitoring programs

We are enabling large lung cancer screening and monitoring programs at regional and national level using Median’s standardized, automated image management technology.  Our cloud-based architecture connects screening sites, oncology imaging sites, specialty and expert sites with centralized data aggregation and management.  With country-specific customization, end-to-end monitoring and national training, our solution combines central program control with local consistency and standardization to improve cancer management.

Scientific platform

Lung cancer is the leading cause of death from cancer worldwide killing nearly 1.4 million people annually (WHO 2013). Scientific evidence from recent trials reveals significant potential improvements in outcomes and mangement with CT lung cancer screening of target populations.

  • The US National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) demonstrated for the first time a 20% reduction in lung cancer mortality with low-dose CT screening of target populations (NEJM 2011);
  • The NL/Belgium NELSON Nodule Management Protocol has proven effectiveness using lung nodule doubling time based on volume assessment. The protocol showed a drastic reduction in false positives and significant decrease in patients referred for lung nodule biopsy.

Leveraging this scientific platform, combined with its novel imaging technology, Median offers an innovative and unique approach to conducting CT lung cancer screening at regional or national level.

Screening expertise

Our CT Lung Cancer Screening Imaging Services leverage our extensive expertise:

  • Superiority of MediScan® – the core of Median’s lung cancer screening services, MediScan® is used in clinical trials and by radiologists to streamline and automate routine image management and evaluation, and significantly reduce reader variability.
  • Unrivaled reduction in pulmonary nodule measurement variability – our platform provides full pulmonary CT image management with automatic nodule volume doubling time calculation and the potential for significantly reduced measurement variability with the NELSON protocol encoded in MediScan®.
  • Expertise in image management in global oncology trials – Median is working with world-leading biopharmaceutical companies, managing imaging workflows in trials at clinical sites worldwide ensuring standardization and harmonization.
  • Expertise in high quality imaging product development – since our inception in 2002, Median has developed a range of cutting edge medical image processing tools, which meet or exceed the US, European and other regulatory bodies’ rigorous testing and validation standards.

Our project infrastructure

  • Median’s services can be deployed at national or regional levels, and can enable end-to-end monitoring of screening programs for all users at all sites.
  • All sites (screening sites, expert sites, oncology imaging sites) operate common platform and services, automating full protocol-compliant practices. Combining national radiology training programs and Median’s high degree of automation can improve radiological practice and support radiologists become lung cancer screening experts.
  • National/regional databases centralize and aggregate lesion data for the whole project.
  • Innovative monitoring services provide full program control with operation through a live dashboard, and allow setting of key performance indicators (KPIs) and central database leveraging to refine screening or oncology imaging guidelines for adaptive designs.

Lung cancer screening using MediScan® technology

Screening sites

(with CT scanner)

  • Nation/region wide program
  • Technology customized to country /
    region specific program
  • Same screening procedure for all sites
  • Validated on all CT brands
  • National/regional training
  • Standardized practices
  • Non-expert radiologists become experts

Expert sites

  • Expert/Second-opinion sites at national/regional level

Centralization and lung cancer screening database in the country/region

  • All lesion data from lung cancer screening centralized and aggregated

Monitoring services

  • Monitor all users at all sites
  • 100% imaging protocol compliant
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Dashboards
  • Data mining

MediScan® support

MediScan® is compliant with the latest Microsoft Windows KB

MEDIAN support team contacts:

Europe, Asia and RoW

Tel. : +33 4 92 90 65 90


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