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Different Types of Imaging Criteria: Morphological Measures In oncology clinical trials, therapy is generally assessed using imaging response criteria involving imaging biomarkers. Imaging response criteria are used to define a “treatment response” status, used by the radiologist to evaluate whether the response to therapy is complete or partial or conversely, if the disease is not responding or even progressing. Imaging biomarkers are characteristics extracted from images under study and may vary with tumor or Read more

Super Resolution Imaging – For Better Medical Image Analysis If you are fan of science fiction films and you are 40+ like me, you will probably remember the classical scene in the movie Blade Runner where Harrison Ford progressively enhances a photo to finally find the face of a young woman reflected in a mirror completely invisible when looking at the whole scene. This is exactly the aim of super resolution (SR) techniques: to Read more

The Difference Between Imaging Biomarkers vs Imaging Endpoints In clinical trials using imaging, biomarkers and response criteria are used to assess the tumor evolution with therapy.  We have often heard these terms used interchangeably but the distinction between the two is important in a clinical trial with imaging.  Imaging biomarkers are often root contributors to a clinical trial’s endpoints, but they are not the same. A biomarker is a biological characteristic that is objectively measured and Read more

Why Cultural Fit Matters when Selecting an Imaging CRO In the clinical trials process, high quality imaging used as surrogate endpoints significantly improves the evaluation of novel cancer therapies. Evaluating imaging data plays an invaluable role in assessing disease status and drug efficacy over multiple therapeutic cycles and throughout the clinical trials process. Image analysis can be highly subjective: for example, several radiologists may interpret the same image differently. In addition, technological variations in Read more

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