Imaging Biomarkers

Extracting biomarkers from medical images requires knowledge in algorithmic sciences applied to image processing. MEDIAN has developed a strong scientific and technological expertise in this field as well as a large technology core that has been continuously enhanced and enriched over the last fifteen years. Expertise comes from an active internal research program and from ongoing collaborations with worldwide scientific institutes involved in image processing and medical physics research. Collaborations with luminary institutes initiated in the early development of the company, including collaborations with major international research laboratories, still inform much of the company’s innovation roadmap today.

MEDIAN’s technology core is built from this expertise and is continuously evolving. MEDIAN’s core provides capabilities for efficient management of medical images based on a wide set of algorithms for complex image analysis: 

  • Automated lesion detection
  • Organ and lesion delineation
  • Automated and semi-automated organ and lesion segmentation
  • Automated calculation of quantitative lesion parameters such as surface, volume, density, and texture
  • Non-rigid Image registration & automated lesion pairing
  • Artificial intelligence through data analysis and classifiers

Advanced algorithms are used to detect, quantify, and track lesions or abnormalities identified in medical images.  They are well adapted to the management of chronic diseases – including cancers but also other chronic and degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and cardiovascular pathologies – for which images are compared over time to evaluate disease evolution and treatment efficacy.

Combinations of these image analysis capabilities with MEDIAN’s technology platform enable the design, implementation, and validation of advanced imaging biomarkers.